Thursday, 18 March 2010

Roy Hodgson to Manage one of the Big Four??

Surely, now it is only a matter of time before Roy Hodgeson is summoned by one of the big four? Is this a knee jerk reaction to Fulham's triamphant 4-1 defeat of none other than Juventus? Admitdly, yes, a little. But there is some weight to this impulsive endorsement. No longer can the credentials of Roy Hodgeson, ever growing in stature -CV be ignored. Slowly but surely over the course of the last three years, Hodgeson has taken Fulham from the brink of relegation in the 2007-08 season to a team that now thinks it can punch above its weight, and knock out the Old Lady in the process. Who does it think it is?

So, if the prediction that Hodgson, is but moments away from rubbing shoulders with the elite of the big four, which one is he most likely to succeed. In forensic like detail, here is a look at the candidates.

Despite having enjoyed a more than comfortable 3-0 win over Lille in the same competition as Fulham, Liverpool's season has fallen woefully short of the optimistic preditions back in August last year. With an early knock out of the Champions League, and the possibilty of missing out on fourth spot, Benitez looks the most obvious candidate to be uprooted, giving Hodgson a pass into the brotherhood come the end of the season.

Manchester United
Could Hodgson be the possible successor to Ferguson? Is all of this European escapade, just mere grooming for his eventuall installment at Old Trafford? Obviously with Ferguson's strangle like hold on both power and success as United's manager, this would only ever come about, should the scot do the honourable thing and finally deicde to retire. With the British connection Hodgson would instanlty bring to the United squad and the experience he gained from his days at Inter, though an outside bet, Hodgson could be ideally suited.

After Ancelotti's honey moon came to a predictable end, and with the Terry scandal that seems to still loom large over Stamford Bridge, Abromovich's patient must be once again warring thin. Futher more, a craving of Champions League glory, has once again gone unquenched for another season, which could leave a vacancy sooner, rather than later at Chelseas. At least Abramovich's mood might have been softened by a quick libel victory over his alledge gambling problems during the week. Fancy a game of black jack Roy??

Probably the least likely of potential destinations for Hodgson. With Pellegrini, presumably on his way out of Real Madrid, after once again proving money can not buy you into the Champions League quater finals for the sixth consecutive year. Wenger resigning, as apose to Wenger being fired seems the only way the tachnically astute French men is ever to leave the Emirates. Though, if he were to be lured to the obsenities of the Bernabeu, in Hodgson they would inherit a manager who Like Wenger has the economic class to obtain great returns on very little.

A flimsy case have been made for all top four suitors, you decide on where the budding career will take Roy Hodgson next.....


  1. hodgeson is too old at this point. at 62 there is not future.

    plus he hasnt actually won anything significant. He has bags of experience yes. But A good season at fulham i dont think warrants a job at one of the big 4

  2. Adriano,

    Your right at 62, he's no spring chicken! But, he is only 2 years older than Wenger and is 6 years Fergie's junior. He has a good 5 years plus ahead of him.

    I think he has had more than "a good season at Fulham". He has transferred them from relegation candidates to a team knocking on the door of Europe. All of this on a very small budget. Not to mention his Inter days.

    I doubt very much, that he will ever manage one of the big four, but personally as a Liverpool supporter, if Rafa were to leave at the end of the season, I would love to see him get the chance.



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