Friday, 3 July 2009

Are United taking the Michael?

Evidently its not a whined up, and Michael Owen has indeed signed for Manchester United. To be honest its not the biggest shock I have ever witnessed, as it was something I was banging on about a couple of weeks ago, that I thought Rafa should have been doing himself. Unfortunately my managerial prowess was aligned only with Fergie and not Rafa.

I had hoped, that with the shortage in the Liverpool front line, it could have been patched up with the signing of Owen on a free, just as we saw Robbie Fowler making the miraculous return to Anfield a couple of years ago. And, like the United deal, it would have to have been like phone credit, play as you go.

Ferguson has shown another piece of shrewd business, as this signing really is a win win. If Owen stays fit, they have a world class striker who always scores where ever he goes, and if he ends up sleeping on the treatment table while medics fondle his stocky legs, then United won't have to shell out 100 grand-plus, a week on wages.

Couple Owen's signing, and much of the 80m sterling lying around Old Trafford piggy banks, and it is a worrying proposition as to who else might join the Champions. Owen is obviously not the answer to Ronaldo's departure but he does now cover the hole left by Tevez.

Seeing the pictures of Owen in a United jersey, scarf aloft, albeit in a half assed hollow way, may have been just about the last act he could do, to severe any remaining Liverpool loyalty, but I can't say I really blame him. His career needs to be reignited and seeing him playing at Hull would have arguably been an even sadder story.

It will be an eerie sight seeing him play for United, so I will try and keep my memory from being perverted and stick to reminiscing his goals for Liverpool, just like his debut goal against Wimbledon at Selhurst Park. You could tell then that he had something, and I think he's still got it. Mark my worlds he will bang in the goals next season. Small print: all emphatic statements are subject to Michael Owen staying fit longer than it takes to read this disclaimer!!!

I couldn't find his debut goal, so we will have to make do with "that goal" in 98'. I just love the way he goes past Ayala, as if the defender is rooted to the spot.


  1. people forget just how good his first touch was, the finish was the simple part! Credit Ince for an outstanding covering takle to win possession back also. Good piece mate - I have no doubt he will score more than 10 premier league goals if he stays fit. Can't blame him, but will be interested to see if he plays at Anfield.


  2. Dale - Ince's tracking back, Beckham's pass and Owen's flick all class.

    I wish him well, apart from if he plays us at Anfield. Can you imagine the reception he would get! Who was the last player to go from Liverpool to United indirectly? I cant think of any one.


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