Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Colbert: Is it Time to Care About Soccer (Football)?

Well it only took an appearance in the final of the confederations cup against Brazil, and a 2-nil victory over world number one Spain, for the Colbert Report to toy with the question, is it time to care about Soccer in America?

Given Colbert's cliche arguments against the importance of Football, I am guessing probably not. As much as I love tuning in to Colbert most evenings, especially when I heard the mention of Football, I thought his jokes could have been a tad more on the creative side. Surely their is more to point fun at than lamenting boring 0-0 draws, and clips of football highlights tediously knocking the ball around, and seemingly getting know where? Oh yes, and how can we talk about football without mentioning riots. We may still, and always will have stadium segregation, but things have moved on a bit since the 70's/80's. And, having section of stands for only one team also has the nice by product called atmosphere. The kop end is a pretty good example.

To be fair to Colbert, democracy was later demonstrated, when he stated that Football could not be adopted by the US, as the players had to be in good shape! Followed by ridiculous pictures of over weight baseball players. Are they really that big??A slight disservice to all other sportsman that are not baseball players, but still, cracked a laugh.

For such torturous questions, Colbert need only look in one place to find out if the US is finally ready to embrace the world game, ask his gut. Instead poor Alexi Lalas, is now quoted as saying that the US will win the 2010 World Cup!

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