Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fergie avoids kick in the teeth

Unfortunately for Liverpool and any other supporter hoping that United's ridiculous, but annual end of season good form is about to suffer from complacency, think again.

Talking about the Blackburn game, Ferguson describe the encounter as one that might need serious dental attention afterward. "This game can kick you in the teeth".

United lost a 12 point lead to Arsenal back in 1998. Ferguson's wealth of United title experience, allowing him to draw dressing room inspiration from over a decade ago. Its a great reminder for the united squad, not to take a rest, although Ferguson claims his side do not need one, "We don't need one anyway. These lads are young, fit and fresh. They can go the distance."

We come to expect this kind of posturing from Ferguson, especially as we get to the business end of the season. Its hard not to remain confident for United, who have not even conceded for 15 games, let alone loose. The almost arrogant, confidence will inspire his side and deflect pressure to United's title rivals.

Ferguson and his troops avoided the dental work, after one of Ronaldo's signature freekicks ensured the 3 points, giving United an 8 point gap at the table summit.

All eyes now turn to Anfield, where Liverpool take on United's neighbours, Manchester City. For a rare 90 minutes United will be supporting the sky blue half of the Manchester.

Ferguson is using the 12 points lost to Arsenal in 1998 to motivate his team, Liverpool will have to take the thought of loosing the bragging rights of the most league titles as their inspiration. The pressure is on, the manager mind games are in full swing and we still have over 30 points to squabble over.

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