Thursday, 12 February 2009

17 More to go for Beckham

Given that the highest capped player for England is former Goal Keeper Peter Shilton with 125 caps, its unlikely that David Beckham will eclipse the remarkable record.

Shilton reached the figure by playing into his 40's which by today standards, at least for outfield player, is pretty unheard of.

Due to the time difference of living in to Toronto, I unfortunately missed the Spain v England game, as I was still sharpening pencils at my desk. From the coverage the following morning, the general consensus was that, Although England hadn't played particularly bad, they were missing that cutting edge that would put them in to the same bracket as the European champions, Spain.

After what has been an impressive start to Fabio Capello's England term, a defeat at the hands to Spain will keep the over inflated England expectation under control. There is still some way to go for England, but the images of the "wolly with the brolly" are slowly being erased.

What ever the result in Seville, the moment will be remembered for Beckham equaling the legend, Boobby Moore's record of 108 caps. 8 years a go, England played Greece at Old Trafford, in what was one of the worst games I have ever witnessed. All we needed was a draw to qualify for the World Cup, and despite never scoring on English soil, Greece had managed to score twice and were leading England 2-1, two minutes in to injury time. As Motty says in the commentry, "Beckham has vertually played Greece on his own" was not an over statement. Enjoy...

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