Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup Crystal Ball Predictions

Its next to impossible to try and resist jumping on the World Cup 2010 band wagon, and evangilise one's wisdom on how the worlds greatest tournament will unfold in South Africa. So with those cheeasy, and some what pointless novelty count down clocks -that never fail to spring up each time an event of significance occurs- firmly banished, its time to get your notepad ready. I have put my head on the chopping block with these insightful spoon bending predictions, so get down the bookies lively. You will be emptying your swollen wallet quicker than it takes me to break into tears when England get knocked out on penalties.

Home Nation
Never has a home nation failed to make it past the first round, and with the weight of a continent behind them, South Africa won't break that trend. Though, I will shamelessly play sergeant buzz kill, by going out on a limb and saying that those horns are bloody annoying. Its like trying to watch a game of football while having a bee hive precariously balanced on your bonce. The thought of them making it much further than the second round makes my ear weep with claret. On the plus side, they do look rather dashing in that home strip. Its like watching Norwich City when Jeremy Goss and Bryan Gunn, had the worlds attention at their feet. 

Golden Boot
Its with great reluctance and worry that my pick for winning Cinderella's golden slipper is none other than Liverpool's number 9. If fit, I think Fernando Torres can show case on a global level that he is currently the worlds best striker. The reason for the reluctance, is that if he does win the golden boot, Liverpool will be under even more intense pressure to sell, with inevitable increased interest in the player. As a back up to Torres, I would go for the Spaniards strike partner David Villa, who may find himself as a lone striker should Torres fail to keep fit.

Player to Watch
Obviously it goes without saying that you should be drawling over the abilities of players like Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and -if he doesnt lose his bottle Ronaldo- but the player I would keep an eye on is Michel Bastos. With Brazil missing the usual embarresment of riches when it comes to strikers, I think the pacey Lyon winger can more than make up for the fire power. He has pace to burn and is capable of chipping in with his share of goals.

Team to watch
Forget Brazil, Argy bargy and Spain. You won't find me wasting my time with that lot. No, Serbia is where the actions at. Any country that can endure the likes of Slobodan Milosevic, can surely handle the rigors of a World Cup in their sleep. They have flair running through the side and With the likes of Real Madrid bound Nemanja Vidic and Neven Subotic putting up a formidable defense they are my outside bet to perform beyond expectation, by reaching the quarters.

Semi Finalists
When it gets down to the business end, you can expect to see the usual suspect there or there abouts. Ze Germans, always step it up in big Tournaments, but I dont think they will get past the quaters. The four I will go for are  Spain, Holland, Brazil and through no doing of nut job Diego Maradona, Argentina. Argentina will either be immense, inspired by Lionel Messi, or, absolute failures, if they listen to Maradona. A man who when he isn't busy dictating the sexual persuasions of the worlds media is contemplating cutting Diego Milito from his World Cup Squad. Thankfully someone stopped that latter before it came to fruition.

Spain, the favourites and rightly so. Nuff said.


  1. Im going Brazil win
    Fabiano top scorer
    Slovakia surprise team
    Di Maria of Argentina to be surprise player

    USA ! USA ! USA !

  2. get over the vuvuzela thing. this is africas world cup and this is how we watch football.sure beats racists songs and monkey noises though

  3. Jude - Brazil to win? Boring! Though I do fancy Fabiano to get amongst the goals. It will also be interesting to see how Robinho gets on.

    Trav - The vuvuzelas are mildly better than racism. Thats a joke by the way! Anyways, I am over it. More importantly, what are your predictions?


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